Tal 10oz Mini Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Pink Glitter


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TAL represents a fresh start to a new day Based in New York City, TAL is continually striving to innovate exclusive ways to quench your thirst, no matter what type of lifestyle you live. Whether you need to carry water, coffee, or even beer, we are here to help you effortlessly transport all your hydration needs. TAL values in producing safe, durable, and easy to use products. Not only do we take pride in the quality of our products, but also the environment they are created in. Our products represent an eco-friendly lifestyle, which were created through sustainable practices throughout production. Live TAL to embrace a healthy and environmentally friendly life. Be healthy. Stay hydrated. Live TAL. Water is life. TAL is a way to stay hydrated and eco-friendly no matter what lifestyle is pursued.Tal 10oz Mini Glitter Water Bottle, Pink

  • Compact size for bags
  • Easy carry handle
  • Great for on the go
  • Hot for 8 hours
  • Cold for 16 hours
  • Double wall insulated stainless steel
  • Glitter finish