Smart Touchless Faucet Adapter for Kitchen and Bathroom,Automatic Faucet Adapter Motion Sensor,Compatible with Male 55/56″ Female 15/16″,Touchless Kitchen Faucet,Sink Faucet,Economical Faucet by MGDC


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Brand: MGDC

Color: Silver


  • Important tips:The faucet adapter compatible with female 15/16″ thread & male 55/64″ thread faucet is an adaptor to be installed on an existing faucet, it is not a faucet.
  • Healthy and convenient:you need not turn the handle on and off, thus effectively preventing the cross-infection of bacteria and keeping your family safe. Refuse waste and more economical
  • Instant Mode and Continuous Mode: activate bottom sensor for instant mode, side sensor for continuous mode(wave again to stop), If continuous running water is caused by the wrong operation, the water can be cut off automatically after three minutes
  • Graceful and stylish design touchless faucet: In the shape of a sniper rifle silencer, and made of glittering scratch-resistant chrome-plate, the product is an amazing design which integrates perfectly with the original faucet spout, Perfectly integrated with the original traditional faucet
  • Ultra-long endurance:A full charge can keep the battery running for nine months. A Built-in polymerized lithium battery can be charged through a USB port.Easy to install and disassemble.The special wrench included in the set suffices to install or disassemble the product even by a housewife. An ordinary faucet is easily transformed into a smart product

Details:  Product Applications Scenarios
Are you still bothered by these problems?
The faucet handle is stained with oil or suds.
Handling a spatula and a pancake, you wish to have another hand to turn the tap on. The faucet handle is beyond the reach of your child.
A slight change gives you a big surprise.
An ordinary faucet is easily transformed into a smart product.
You only need to replace the original faucet aerator with MGDC smart faucet to have a touchless auto-run faucet in your kitchen.

Features and Specifications
The bottom sensor runs the water as long as an object enters its induction area ( within 10CM to the sensor) and shuts the water off when the object is removed from the induction area.
The upper sensor is at the side of the product. When you are doing the dishes, filling up a vase or anything else and need to keep the water running, what you do is a simple wave of your hand before the upper sensor to run the water, and another wave when you have done with your work.
Whatever you do, washing your hands, dishes, vegetables, or filling something with water, you need not turn the handle on and off, thus effectively preventing cross-infection of bacteria and keeping your family safe.
The product adopts throttling design of the integrated flow channel. Contrasted with common faucets, it not only responds to On-and-Off signal instantly and effectively, but also throttles the outflow at 0.07L/S under water pressure of 0.1MPa, i.e., the top water efficiency.
Time-up protection design can avoid overflowing by closing electromagnetic valve automatically by the end of three minutes of running water until it is activated next time, which can effectively prevent a “flood”usually caused by careless adults or naughty kids.