CoreCoach Pressure Biofeedback Training System – Isolate Your TVA Muscle and Stabilize Your Core Quickly and Easily at Home with this Advanced, Comprehensive Package Including Booklet + Video Training



Brand: CoreCoach


  • STRENGTHEN your core to relieve lower back pain and get back to the activities you love, pain-free
  • ENJOY the up-to-date technology of durable TPU nylon coated air pillow and neoprene waist belt
  • USE our instruction booklet, online starter videos and mobile apps as your own personal trainer
  • INCLUDES FREE NeckCoach to strengthen deep neck flexors, plus FREE carry bag to keep everything tidy
  • USE this device just 4 Minutes x 4 Days Per Week to train & activate your core with instant feedback

Details: INCLUDED:
*Durable nylon-coated Air Pillow made from the same fabric as camping mats (TPU not PVC) for a better seal *BioFeedback Gauge for immediate visual guidance (0-70mmHg) *Thin, comfortable Neoprene Waist Belt to help keep your CoreCoach in the right position *Instruction Booklet and Online Training Videos for getting started *FREE Mobile Apps for iOS and Android with all of our 12 Training Videos *FREE Carrying Bag for taking your CoreCoach with you *FREE NeckCoach to strengthen your deep neck flexors and relieve pain from text neck
The CoreCoach air bladder is inflated and placed under the lumbar spine, with or without the included waist belt. The sensitive hand-held gauge measures any change in pressure while carrying out your core exercises. Since a strong, stable core does not move, the reading on the gauge will remain steady. If the reading fluctuates, you have room to strengthen and stabilize your core. So the goal is simply to keep the needle on the gauge steady while doing your exercises.
While everyone from professional athletes to the everyday Joe THINKS they know how to activate and strengthen their core, the reality is that few are doing it right. Biofeedback guidance coaches people quickly and easily to stability.
Pressure biofeedback devices have been used in physical therapy for decades. Many fitness trainers and Pilates instructors have started integrating biofeedback into their abdominal core strengthening programs. The CHEK Institute requires that all their certified trainers teach the benefits of biofeedback and use it with their clients.
You can now get the modern version of this technology to use at home, or with your own physical trainer, chiropractor, therapist or other health professional.
The CoreCoach comes with a full 1 year warranty. In the unlikely event of a leak we will replace the air bladder for you free of charge.
Be Stable. Be Strong.