When I came up with the concept of this site I wanted my guests to feel a unique exciting and fun experience. This is a glimpse into my thinking and what the parent company are all about. The tech you want…..? That can mean almost anything. It could mean the latest and newest computers, smartphones or any other technology that is new. The purpose of this site is to inspire you to leave 1990 and jump into the 2020’s. Today’s world is full of all kinds of tools, devices and gagets that can give you the conveniences to get some of your time back or at least make your time more enjoyable. Most people don’t want something new if its complicated or hard to use. Also a lot of tech is expensive. I will be having a large variety of products with prices that work to fit your budget. I want to bring only the good things to you! The tech you want is better understood as the tech that I think you will want. Be happy and enjoy your day!