Whether it’s by choice or by necessity, working from home has become the new reality for many of us out there. It might be a requirement for your current job, or embarking on a new endeavour starting an online business, or maybe just a new side gig to make some extra cash in trying times. Whatever home-based work you’re getting ready for, a well-planned home office environment is crucial for success. At first you may be excited about the prospect of being home and around your family more than before, but setting up your home workspace can turn out to be difficult and frustrating when not thought out beforehand. A well set up home work environment can mean the difference between successful, productive hours working at home and distracted, unorganized and unproductive work hours. Whatever home-based work you’ll be doing or are considering, there are several factors that should be taken into account when creating your new home work environment.


Picking the right location for your work from home office is extremely important, and should be one of the first things you should consider. Avoiding distractions, background noise and interferences is a must when working from home nowadays. With modern video-conferencing being the usual standard, it’s important to avoid unexpected visitors and a noisy environment. Something like a spare bedroom is a great option typically when available, though the basement or even an outside garden shed can be valid choices. With modern solutions for wireless internet and online communication, places that previously would never be an option are now viable workspaces. Consider the view, also, when choosing your home office location, a nice view can be a big help in staying positive and productive while working from home.

Remember to consider your needs when it comes to access to power outlets. It can be surprising how many power points may be needed for a well-equiped home office when you take into account not only your computer but also things like a printer, mobile chargers, lighting and other requirements you’ll have. Having long extension cords running through the house can be tripped on or caught on things when moving them, and aren’t a typically eye-pleasing addition to any home. If you must use them, consider getting a plastic or rubber cover to go over the cord to help avoid it getting caught on things or tripped over (and look nicer, also!)

Choosing the right Furniture

A large desk that provides plenty of workspace is always helpful and helps to avoid clutter, but the amount of space you actually have available in your home office space of course needs to be considered. A comfortable chair, also, can help avoid back and other aches and being comfortable in your work place will help you be more productive. Shop around for current deals and sales on office furniture and equipment, as many online companies now offer excellent deals due to the current uptick in people working from home. Try to refrain from rooms with a television or other distractions that will reduce productivity, also.


It’s not always best to just use your personal equipment and devices when transitioning to working from home. Not only is it not the most secure, but having separate personal and work devices is extremely helpful for staying organized and being as productive as possible in your home office. Find out if your employer allows for taking your work equipment and devices home to use, if not then consider investing in new equipment to use for working from home. What’s great is this new equipment can often be a write-off in most situations and States.

A desktop/laptop with a built-in camera and microphone are pretty much a must when working from home due to video conferencing and group Zoom meetings. Be aware of where you set up the camera, though, as you don’t want your background to be distracting (or embarrassing!). For the most part you don’t need to worry about a traditional phone, with Voice-over-internet programs being readily available and either free or inexpensive, calling through your computer is extremely easy and efficient.

Office Hours

Choosing your office hours is important. What times of the day do you wish to work. The great thing about home working is you can decide what your office hours are, as you do not have a boss or supervisor looking over your shoulder. However, it does require discipline to work set hours and to be consistent and productive.

Letting your family know what your working hours are is equally important. When practical, try to keep your regular working hours you would work if you were not working from home, and find a good balance between working hours and everyday life. There may be times that you need to work late at night or earlier in the morning than usual, but try to make these the exceptions and not the rule. Staying focused and disciplined are crucial to successfully working from home.

So remember, choosing the right location, choosing the right furniture and equipment, and setting working hours are some (but of course not all) of the important factors to consider for anybody working from home in any capacity. Having a plan and executing it successfully will help ensure a successful and productive work from home transition!